July 25, 2006

Knowing God and his love

I want to thank a good friend for using a special salutation when commenting on my other blog. He addressed me a Sister Marie Cecile, and it touched my heart deeply. I am not a Sister in life but in heart I am. Just as in heart I am God's spouse. So for one time if I used the salutation it was to acknowledge the presence of God in my life. But it is not an address I can use. But then again I have consecrated myself fully to our Lord, far beyond any human can consecrate another to a life. Is it possible by Divine right I am a Sister of our Lord by the hand of God himself. Interesting thought. Has God made my heart His in all that could be possible. I remember one time waking to a beautiful fullness within my heart and knowing His heart was there with mine. The joy and sheer happiness is far beyond what we are capable of knowing and I received that. I felt it and experienced it. It wasn't just waking to it; it was feeling it personally that makes the difference on reality and a dream.

There is something that I have been accomplishing is the ability to Be Still. It is through this song that I have come to understand much. The verse "Be still and know that I am God," has always touched me very deeply. It is knowing that God is touching me, and I am listening to Him.

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