July 19, 2006

Itty Bitty Ones

I took my walk today in the woods as usual, but this time I encountered tiny baby frogs ever few feet in pairs of two. It was something to see these tiny creatures scampering out of the way. Every now and then there would be one by itself, with the possibility the other was ahead of it or behind. I think this was the first time I saw so many small ones at one time though. I'm always amazed at how these survive in such a huge world when there is much prey out there to devour them or like me, possibly step on them, or drive over them.

Now this is one time I'm going to let my imagination have fun, and think that we are just those tiny little frogs making our way across a vast expanse of land. And up above come this giant foot about to crush us. In a blink of an eye we could be gone, or we could be spared. By that foot not making contact. If I wasn't watching where I was walking, to prevent a fall, or making sure no snakes are in my way, or else I'd be heading the other way. Frightful things snakes are. I could have snuffed out a few little ones, but seeing as I was paying attention I noticed them making their way across the forest floor. So, in this vast world God does the same with us. He watches out for us all the time. God loves us so much, he doesn't want us to hurt. It's as if he seeks our happiness above his own. And he will stop at nothing to gain our attention and love. Someday maybe people will start noticing what he does for them.

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