July 01, 2006

How beautiful is God? He is vibrant. He stirs the soul to long for more and more of his beauty. My heart perishes for want of more of my Lord. I forever ask, please come near, touch me with your gentle touch, for I know by the slightest breeze it is you. I seek you constantly, I am insesant with my thoughtful chatter, constantly proclaiming your goodness. In those moments of closeness, the foe stalks and brings discouragement. Only for you to conquer again and again. You teach me your undying love. How in the smallest things you show me your love. If only people would recognize in the many small acts in each day how you show them you love them. Just as you do with me, by the simplest things do I find you answering a simple question. I wonder how is it that you work so hard to gain a trust I know is there. Then I must pray more so then for a deeper trust, that only you can give.

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