July 25, 2006

Glorious Day

Yesterday was such a Glorious day. I woke up, did what I needed to do, then went outside. To my delight it was crisp, cool and clear. What a delightful day. There is something about taking a mini retreat, it is beneficial to one's soul.

It is in the discovery of God's gift to us. I've always enjoyed the moments when I comprehend those gifts. If I didn't write yesterday, it was due to contemplating the enormity of the lesson. I am thankful for what I learned.

Now I think I am understanding something about my dislike of heat at the moment. It's called hot flashes, and breaking out into one is a bit much. It's hot, when it's cool. Does that mean I am now in a menopause stage. No wonder I'm always hot, thank you heavenly Father, for water to cool the brow. Until later.

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