July 12, 2006

Dear Anonymous, Thank You

I was thinking about something that lead me to go in search of what I wrote. So off to the beginning I went to end up rereading all the posts I had written. That is when I discovered new comments from the beginning of the month. And here it is a week and a half later. Now why did I have a thought to go looking for a specific post. Unless the Lord was showing me a very nice persons comments. So for every comment that anonymous wrote I say thank you for all the nice words of encouragement. Then I can honestly say God does work in mysterious ways for sure. And so does the Holy Spirit, for it is the promptings that lead us to discover what he wants us to see, or else I would not have known they were there.

And now I had forgotten what I was in search of, and that's okay too, because that just reinforces what I was meant to see. Not so much what I was going to read. You know it's as if being lead in a direction, not knowing the purpose, but along the way we discover bits and pieces that eventually make up the picture. It's in these small discoveries that we find the hand of God working. I think I see a lot more in this way than I once used to. This is a discovery for me, that in time he changes how we see and perceive. Little by little just as a flower opens, so do we. It's spectacular when we think about it. Like a rose.

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