July 22, 2006

Cleaning Up

Finally a chance to relax for a bit. I was looking back on some stuff I wrote, to help me on improving where I may falter, when I discovered again what was comments, but are not. It seems they are spam one's. And I didn't notice it before. Until I read and noticed something unusual. Then I set out to delete what could cause another a problem should they click on a link they seemed to have put in the comments, to some strange ad. Well so much for being observant, I took care of the problem.

Since we had company yesterday I was not able to visit the chapel. So today it was a must go. I am so very glad to have gone. There is something about renewing ourselves when we pray to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. He gives so much. There truly is something wonderful that happens when we trust and believe with all our hearts. But more so when we believe in what he does in our lives. At least in mine anyway.

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