July 29, 2006

Change is Good

Today, I was compelled to change the template on my other blog. Something about the other one, I could never find satisfaction with. It was nice too. But I always had a hard time making some things work right. So I went on an exploration to find the right one, which I've done before. But this time this one seemed right.

So off I went and redid what was on the other and tried to place it on the new one. It wasn't so bad after all. I even was able to put a nice little saying above a picture from one of my email friends. If it gets clicked on the picture shimmers. I couldn't get it to do that on the page, that would have been nice.

Now that I've sat back, took a look, I realized I was trying to put a gold look on the blog. Interesting, now that I think about it. And with anything else God has a way of directing us when we let him.

Which reminded me when I went to the Chapel, I remember the first year I did Adoration, a lady was with me then. When we walked outside, I happened to look up at the sky and saw above the Church in the clouds the bodily shape of Jesus. That was something, I even asked the lady I was with if she saw it. Bummer, she didn't. I saw so many things and now as I reflect on them, some never saw what I saw. But that's okay too.

Well hopefully as time progresses he will clue me in at times. I trust God with all my heart, so what ever direction he leads me, I will follow him all the way.

As my life is changing so is the environment that surrounds me. Just like the blog template, and the landscape outside, or the living quarters where I spend my time. Things change, and I bring about the change. If I did not bend even a little on anything then I too am lost. It is in change that I welcome Our Father into my heart. Always making sure that I remove any clutter, or sin that would keep God away. Change is necessary for a healthy life.

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