July 03, 2006

A beautiful answer.

It was one of those non stop days. Get up, tend to the animals, take care of last minute stuff, off to the airport, wait for plane to arrive, collect the family, phew it was a long morning. But out of all of it there was something special, missing those we love. They had a nice homecoming too.

Was it a coincidence that a flash of yellow promptly went by the window, to see nothing out there. To finally see a baby deer again playfully coming close to the house, in a way of saying, look here I am. I am your gift. And it was too. The other day, again I thought how nice it would be to see the baby deer again. Today, the antics of the young one just spoke so loudly of it being sent from above. How it came close to the house and did what you call , look here I am stance. It was so cute, I called my mom and dad to see. Then it turned not to be seen again. If they come to nibble at the brush, they usually stay awhile, but momma deer and baby happen to come and go. What is so nice is I don't believe it was a coincidence, I believe he answered me, and sent the baby. It was the way it all happened to make that conclusion. These are the smallest and most simplest answers God gives when you believe. He gives me some of the greatest pleasure, in the smallest of ways he shows me he loves me. And I love him more than all the world put together.

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