July 27, 2006

Another Day to Hope

Classes tonight were a bit strange, and I have reason to hope. Our daily encounter with others are amazing to say the least. As always I arrive at school early to give myself time to settle in, get my books out, and so forth. Tonight was a surprise, we ended up having pizza for the whole school, because of a botched barbecue at an earlier date.

I eat supper before going to school, so having one piece would not hurt. But I was spared that, I dropped my small piece. Thank you dear God for that. I didn't need that anyway. From there it was back to class. So little surprises are nice once in a while.

From there I make my stop at the Chapel, to say a rosary for peace in the world and the Holy Land, and to pray for many people who ask for them from me. That is a pleasure to pray for others. It truly is.

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