June 22, 2006

Yet when the sun warms them, the grasshoppers will spread their wings and fly, and vanish, no one knows where.

Alas! how your shepherds slumber, O king of Assyria, your nobles have gone to rest; Your people are scattered upon the mountains, with none to gather them.

There is no healing for your hurt, your wound is mortal. All who hear this news of you clap their hands over you; For who has not been overwhelmed, steadily, by your malice? Nahum 3:17-19

Ouch, this one hurt to have opened onto twice in a few days. Then I wonder if I hurt someone unknowingly. But then again, reflecting upon this will bring about a death to a heart that is not complete. It is to reflect upon past actions and where I may have erred and to atone for any wrong I may have caused. Should I have been malicious in any way and not repentent then this is where I need to look back upon. With God's grace it will bring about a greater purification of my soul. After all this is what seeking God's word is about. To comtemplate his word in order to reflect on how it affects my life.

Praise God for his guiding hands and loving ways. Je t'aime.

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