June 27, 2006

Yesterday My parish had a day of Eucharistic Adoration in honor of John the Baptist. I signed up for one of the hours. While I was there, something came to mind. It had to do with laying down on the floor in prostration. I had recalled there were several times throughout the years that this had come to my thoughts while in Church, even before I had my miracle of the Eucharist. Looking back at these recollections that the Lord gives in order to help the process of discernment. I didn't realize how strongly he truly worked throughout my life. But during the hour I prayed and put that little thought aside, so I could give proper due to Our Lord. I felt so solemn yesterday, tired in a way. I was up late the night before, after spending the evening with my sister and her children. We had a wonderful conversation, she had told me about her relatioinship with our Blessed Mother and how she has smelled the roses, and was there for her when she was in a pickle, no gas in the car and a sick child, on the road. That was awesome what she told me. Even my mom has had her own experiences with our Lady, and once with Jesus on her way to the hospital for my dad. Looking back on these things, I would think that God is watching over us for some strange peticular reason. I will not question it. Now I wonder if my brothers have had any experiences. I will have to ask them. Are we a prayerful family. Yeah, I would say so. I remember when we were younger and all of us would sit at the dinner table and do the Rosary.

Our Lady is remarkable, the love she has for God and her Son. To go to great lengths to touch all our lives. Jesus does the same too, except we associate his coming to us as an end. It isn't, it truly is a beginning. Life begins when we have Jesus in our life, in our heart and in our souls.

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