June 15, 2006

Yesterday began a day for a major removal of clutter. It was a removal of the old paper work no longer needed. It also began a cleansing of old ways. When I started to prune some bushes I came across a nest of Robins. That put a hold on that one bush and the ones near it. Since then I have dreamed of Robins. It's about their constant seeking of food and finding it, that I noticed. So if anything I am understanding abit about these odd dreams. The symbolism of it, they seek and find. Just as I am doing the same. Part of the growth process is removing or tearing away what holds us back. I remember thinking about much of the changes I have already gone through. While looking at some date or other item that caused a memory, I was able to look back and realize where I faltered in my own growth. This is a good thing for me, for it will bring about a desired change that I was seeking in an area I was lacking. God does provide in ways we do not always recognize. I know this now more than ever. He gives us the strength to tackle the unpleasant and to see it through. He enables growth for the greater good of our souls as well as for his own kingdom. I love God so much and people don't realize the love he truly has for us. If only they knew, they too would realize how he has worked in their lives.

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