June 13, 2006


Thank you Jesus for the lesson on how to change a blade on the lawn mower, with the help of my dad, or should I say for helping my dad to change it. Got to love them roots that sneak up on a mower, either that or the blades are not made all that strong any more. Hopefully, a job will soon be be mine, so I can afford to help my parents out, instead of them taking care of my things. Is this a learning lesson too. Yes, it shows love within a family and how we help each other out. I do the yard work, try to do other things that do not take away from their dignity. I think in a sense I am learning about much more than loss, but the value of giving in a different way. We help each other, this is a gift not many do in our own world. It is a lesson I always enjoy. I find satisfaction when I can help another, whether it's just talking with them or giving them a helping hand. Last night after class I waited with another for her ride to show up. I've done this many a time, no one should be alone in the dark waiting. I think I figured out the one area I have not handed over to God, I turn it over to you Dear Father for it is in your hands the job I seek. Well at least I hope I did, for it is in God that my life is being guided. I do not seek anything else but Him.

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