June 09, 2006

I was trimming some shrubs, when I thought it has been a while since I've seen some deer. So by now I've forgotten this thought as I continued the pruning. I made a batch of wash in the process of the outdoor work. Busy day. Anyway lunch comes and from there I hang out the clothes. I had just hung up the third shirt and coming out of the woods is a deer. Looking straight to where I was. The clothesline is set in the woods. I stopped what I was doing and in the awe of the moment enjoyed watching this deer watch me. She just walked closer to investigate. But the door to the house by now must have opened and closed at least four times. She didn't spook yet, but then I moved and that did it, off she went deeper into the woods. I am thankful for the gift to have the thought answered. I look at all things that happen in my life as a gift. Including the things that are taken away. Do we get things answered without even asking. I think so, because it is then we are not asking out of selfishness but out of trust and love. For me it's the beauty of God showing me that he hears my thoughts enough to answer by providing. It reminds me of the story of the birds and how he provides for them, it's just so simple. The Word of God comes alive for me in my daily life. I cherish how he gives so much of himself for a wretched soul as myself. Just as the Eucharist is alive for me, when moments of taking him within myself he turns to flesh upon my tongue, pulsing. He is so alive, it's awesome. He truly is the Lamb of God in all his Glory.

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