June 19, 2006

I was reading something today, that made me look up something. But when I did, I found out that the evil one uses close to the same symbols that Christianity uses. We have windows and floor designs in some of our Chuches with the five pointed star and circle. Except the satanist use theirs upside down and with a goat in it. They also use the symbol of the infinity. Which I didn't know. The most that I came up when I did the query gave me a lot of results but it mostly had to do with the occult. It took a few more tries to find anything to do with God and the infinity. I find that there is a lot that seems to coincide with the dark side. And that is not where we will find God. There is a difference with God and the evil one. With God you will have joy, with the evil one a person will always fear. A big difference if you ask me.

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