June 24, 2006

I managed to get the lawn mowed yesterday after the rumbles had subsided. I figured if the weekend is a wet one now is the time to do it. And while doing so I felt a touch upon my hand, that was so beautiful. I love when He lets me know he is near. It's even more special, since I will be spending my birthday alone tomorrow. That it the first time in all the years I have been alive, that it has happened. But it's okay too, since it's not such a big deal, it's only a day out of many. And every day is special if you ask me. I think the most important part is that I have God to share it with. After all it is by his love that I am alive and here. Forgiven for the many sins of my youth. And by the grace of God the rest will be lived completely in Him, with Him and for Him. I just can't live without Him in my life.

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