June 21, 2006


I don't know why I keep thinking of the time I was standing at the bathroom sink, when in the smallest voice imaginable I heard trust in me. It's as if he wants me to remember, so my footsteps do not falter amid trying times. To remember to put my trust in him when all else seems to go off kilter. That's when I start to pray all the more. To keep myself focused on him.

Then I discover something that brings to light a mystery. An ongoing love with my Lord, the many kindnesses he touches my life with. How the smallest of things speak loudly of his presence. Each discovery I fall all the more in love with Him. And it isn't subsiding, it is only gaining strength. The many realizations alone are joyous, for it is his way of touching my soul. If only people could know his love the way he has given to me. But like anything in life we all experience his love in our own unique way. Some quite strongly, others less so. And it all may depend on what he calls our hearts to. If anything I am forever grateful for his love, it's absolutely beautiful, like a breath of heaven.

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