June 01, 2006

Happiness in God

Can a person know the love in their heart for God from another? Is it possible to know the true depths of that love. What causes others to fear those who have a deep love for the One who made us. Is it their fear of being loved in return.

There was something that I recalled that brought this thought to mind. It was the love I saw in the face of another human being. The happiness that I saw when I entered a room. I refused to see that it was their happiness to see me. At the time I didn't feel worthy of another persons love in general. The kind of love that reaches out to everyone, the love of a neighbor. It was recalling this, that I realized the depths of love for God this person has. Their deep love for God was seen and felt in their eyes, their smile, their joy. I will forever remember a day in December 2004 when I walked in on such love for all who entered.

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