June 04, 2006

Early Night

Last night was the first time in quite awhile that I went to bed before eight p.m. So I was up at the lovely hour of three a.m. to say hello to our Lord during his hour. Every time my internal clock changes I end up prepared for a new happening in my life. It's strange how that seems to happen. Anyway, yesterday was a great day, I went to a Holy Hour for Vocations, I missed it last year.

Then I did my homework, (chuckling) no wonder I was tired. Yesterday morning was an odd one, normally I would do a writing, but I ended up looking at St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, from there I saw St Augustine, and proceeded to seek something from there. Anyway, after my search, I ended up with the thought of Vocations and where I was going to during the day and that is when I came up with putting the prayer on my other site. For some reason it was to be this way. Since it is through the whisperings of the Holy Spirit that many are called to Vocations it seemed appropriate.

Well it's another day filled with God and happy for that, it's his day every day for me. I pray that today many hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit, to live a holy life in perfection of God's Love.

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