June 08, 2006

The day is done, a day filled with peace. Today I was able to do something for another to give them hope. It's not often when we can touch another's life. For me it brought me a sense of peace, knowing that I delivered what God asked of me. I don't always understand at times, but then when it's time then I do.

It's strange that now that my phone is shut off, I'm not upset about it. I suppose that too, is a way of teaching me a new way of life. A few years ago and I would have panicked. Now it's seems so different. What am I learning? God's way. There is something about starting over that seems so true. The old needs to be cleared away in order to prepare to be filled with the new. You know it's like the story of the wineskins. I understood it before, now I understand it better.

That goes for a lot of other things, so that being a witness of God's love, it will be in the right way. God prepares us for things we have no clue of, until he's ready to reveal it. The most beautiful gift God could ever give is the gift of himself. I accept that gift with all my heart.

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