June 12, 2006


As I was doing the dishes, I gazed outside, wondering what it would take to bring people back to God. Most of the time it's those who seek more understanding that go to talks and other things that invite people to know Him better. It still ends up those who thirst for more. Not necessarily those who fell away. It's the ones who go all the time. But how does God motivate those who seek yet have no way of finding. How do we do that for others so they too may see the beauty of God. If I wasn't a Church goer what would bring me there? Is it a desire to know more, or do my friends invite me to learn of God. I was just thinking, even though I knew of God all my life and have a personal experience with him now. What if he didn't whack me with a spiritual two by four. Where would I be now. That was quite a whack too, it moved me physically, I'll never forget it. It was so powerful. Is this what it would take for others to come back to God. For me I was already talking with Him then. So now I wonder what would it really take to bring people back. Not everyone believes in the Blessed Virgin and her appearance, so if Jesus came to us what would they believe then. Is it the phenomena of the spiritual that they would need. Visual proof. Our Blessed Lady also has many that believe and they cannot see her. How many would believe even though they see not our Lord. Or is the proof what they long for. Would that be what would convert the hearts of many. Such thoughts I leave in the hands of God for it is his will in all these.

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