May 27, 2006

An unforeseen Path

Okay, yesterday I did the preliminary mowing, today I did the major mowing, and I'm keeping my eye on the sky. Not really, since I'm typing and not near a window. I'm terrible on my timing though, last year I did my Novena early, had wonderful results too. This year I'm off by a day, but it works out. I'll get to end it on the same day as Pentecost. A much better day to have the Holy Spirit descend upon us. And what a powerful Advocate to have too. I hope all the gifts and fruits will stengthen the ones I may have and if I lack to bring about a renewal of them. Every day I try to say a prayer to the Holy Spirit, if I forget sometimes, it's okay too. I speak to him daily for strength.

I'll never forget the first picture I took and saw the Holy Spirit in it. Or the many others that shown the Trinity. One of them I am always in awe of, it has a number 5 and the infinity symbol just below a face with two other faces inside of the face. I would sit there and marvel at what God has shown and continues to do. Or the time I used binoculars to see what the thing he was holding on the Host was. I didn't fall flat on my face at his feet, but I was shook up to see a live face that I slowly knelt while whispering My God, Oh My God. I could not describe him, his face is ancient, yet we are made in his image. He showed me this to while I was seeing through his eyes how we look from his side. It was as if I could see from inside myself but from him.

I wrote most of this before yet there are times when I feel as if God seeks to have it written again. After giving me time to learn more about him and what is happening it is easier to write now than before. I was afraid to write about it before. As time goes on, God has a way of making things make more sense. Plus I have come to a deeper understanding that he has a purpose for what he is doing in my life. As I said one time, I said yes to his call. I went to the Dominican Sisters, but until my annulment is final and my debts cleared away and schooling finished, I will have to wait to be let in. Am I for the cloister? God knows that one better than I. Sometimes I have a feeling I'm to do something else. In time it will all come about, until then I will let the Holy Spirit continue to guide my path.

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