May 12, 2006

Surrendering! What Joy

Four days ago I mentioned a book I was going to restart reading. Well I saw the book, put it aside and now cannot find it. So I started another book after a thorough search of the other one. This one is The Joy of Full Surrender, I'm so glad to be reading it. I read about four chapters on four different times. So my mysteriously missing book turned out to be a blessing for me to read this one. I look at it this way, when God wants us to learn something, he makes learning possible. Or is it he acknowledged my full surrender. Either way, i'm sure there is something for me to know.

I wonder if maybe I should keep every thing to myself. Just be silent, on this blog and the other one too. There are times when writing takes on a new dimension. Is God using me to wake people up, or to wake me up by what I have gone through and witnessed in my life. I ask this of myself, because I don't want to hurt others nor be hurt either. So when God chooses a person to be his voice, it goes with the territory, love those who abhor you. It is God's heart whom I am after. It is him I seek to please. And to Jesus I surrender my all.

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