May 01, 2006

Saint Joseph

I didn't get to mention St. Joseph today, or other Saints on their Memorials or Feast days. I'm sorry, I was absorbed by God and I neglected these wonderful people who often intercede on our behalf. I never had a patron Saint that I prayed to. Most often I would pray to Mary or Jesus for others. Lately I have been having my own personal experiences with the Saints. Having one picked for me, or a Saint picking me instead. Well anyway, Saint Joseph is quite a remarkable Saint. He became the human Father to Jesus. He taught Jesus how to do a skill as well as teach him about human life. Being a carpenter is quite a trade. Back then they didn't have all the power tools we have today. The skill they had to craft many things by hand. Jesus knew how to build material as well as build spiritually. I think Saint Joseph is a quiet Saint. He regards us with a keen eye, he watches over us as we work. He guides us in the way of building. Saint Joseph thank you for showing Jesus how to build from nothing, so he could transform us into something astonishing.

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