May 07, 2006

Respect of Each Other

What a beautiful day today was, absolutely gorgeous. The Formation class took their final professions today. We even had an honored Lady attend who has been a professed Third Order Dominican for 55 years, and God Bless her she is 103 years old. To see her at 103, you would not believe it, she looks like she is in her sixties. I went and shook her hand and she kissed mine. It is I who should kiss her hand, and I did. It is a gesture of love and respect.

I recall when growing up, my sister and brothers, we were taught to respect our elders. We used to call our neighbor by their proper names, Mr or Mrs so and so. Today we barely call people by them. It seems to be a first name basis even for young children. How times have changed. I don't live in the past, but I do recall that people had a lot more respect for each other. People changed, in so many ways.

What I find sad, is when a gentleman opens the door and apologizes for doing so. All because womans lib wanted equality. If you ask me, I prefer being treated as a lady and not a doorstop, or having a door slapped in my face. I'll go out of my way and hold the door if no one does, how's that. And I feel good about it too.(By-the-way) I do this to be kind to others not to be a feminist). Or like today being graced by a kiss from someone who I should honor first. But for us to be able to honor those who are far older than us, we first need to learn it at home, respecting those who are our parents. And parents for the children to learn this we need to show them respect among ourselves and them too. Then someday when we come across someone who has lived a very long life, we can look at them with respect and awe, for a life lived well in the way of God. This is my hope too, to live beyond my years, by the will and grace of God.

Like I said, it was a beautiful day, a day spent in community, where feeling welcomed is a pleasure.

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