May 03, 2006

My Souls Journey

From where I left off, I'm not afraid to tell what I see, I'm doing so right now. In the beginning I also asked where my direction was. All I knew was peace. Then I have people say, it must be for you alone, so well then I guess it is. Some can see on the pictures others have not. The last set of pictures I took gave me a wonderful face of Jesus. My mom could see, my dad could not. This face appeared inside a host on the host. Do I wonder what his purpose is, yes. Do I believe, YES. Am I in awe, Oh YES. I would go to the ends of the earth to give the world what they long to see. If it is God's will, it will happen. Until then, I humbly offer up all my inadequacies to God. Everything I do is by the will of God. I found that when I follow my own will, he definitely lets me know. Do I doubt, sometimes, because it is then that I err in not doing his will. There are times when those doubts assail me so badly, I want to die of myself for the loss I suffer, even when my thoughts are constantly on God. It is then that I wonder what he is up to. All I can say is, in those times I come away stronger in faith, with a much deeper love than I had before. Is it possible to have a strong love grow ever stronger and much deeper, oh yes. Do I sometimes understand, no. Only when he wills it.

1 Words of Wisdom:

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