May 22, 2006

My Faith

There is always comfort after praying to Saint Michael, he banishes the evil that floats around and attempts to uproot our faith. I wouldn't have noticed this if I wasn't impelled to get out The Essential Catholic Prayer Book. I just seamed compelled to write his prayer today, and after it was done, the odds that I was battling with ended. Thank you Saint Michael for banishing the foe.

I love how divine providence comes about. It seems when we least expect help he gives it. One thing I have found that the closer I walk with faith, the more the enemy stalks. It is always keeping, not only my eye and heart upon God but all of me. More and more I seem to notice how he responds. I paid attention pretty much all my life, but it happens more often now. Sometimes I think I'm an oddball, but I am just a normal unique person, who is deeply in love with God. And I wouldn't have it any other way. In spite of the trials we go through to keep a faith strong. Those trials sometimes hurt, but in the end we see a better picture of where we are headed. I had that recently, I did not understand why it came about, but it was for me to understand. Am I able to explain it, no, it's too complicated. Did it affect my faith, no. It shook me up though.

Gardenias, they smell so beautiful, lightly scented but quite heavenly, I smell them right now. I have no flowers in my room, but the scent is extremely wonderful. Thank you for this gift. You are near and I thank you for this.

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