May 28, 2006

Let This Be Our Prayer

As I was preparing brunch (breakfast and lunch) I was listening to some very pleasant music, talking to the birds, Ollie, Morse, and now Mickey. Mickey is here for a week, he is a lively parakeet. The other two it seems are permanently here. I thought they were on loan, since my brother should he want them back can take them. If that should come about, until then they are here as their home. Ollie is a character for a Beebe parrot, quite greedy in the attention department, he's cute. Anyway, while all this was going on, something stood out. Let this be our prayer, absolutely beautiful.

I don't question things too much anymore. It seems as time goes on, I'm finding out the trust that God gives us. But it is the trust I have in him that is so very important.

I recalled Paul had wrote these words too, earlier on this blog. I had forgotten them, until today when they stood out in a song. Divine Providence? Or coincidence? The Spirit of God works in unique ways.

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