May 02, 2006

Just Me.

I was just thinking for a few minutes about my zany life. Then I thought about what God is doing with mine. For one thing I never attempt to put myself in the category of holy. I try to live my life to the best of my ability in the way God wants me to live. Then I thought about how Saints became Saints, and again I thought this is one area I'm not. Anyway, I don't elevate myself beyond what God wants of me. So in that respect I don't try to think in those terms either. Such is God's humbling ways.

There definitely is something to be said about writing things down, we tend to see ourselves in a new way. It's like talking, but without getting tongue-tied, instead I get sentence-tied. It isn't always clear on here either. The experts say laughter is good for the soul, it is. I tend to be a tad too serious. Ever since my encounter, I have changed from a fun loving person to a serious one. I always wondered how that is. I remember that I had a very deep love for mass and contemplation. That somehow knowing this is I suppose part of God's revealing call.

When I revealed to people about what I see, I have often gotten mixed reponses, to the point that people avoid me after. I think that's why I find it hard to speak about what I do see.

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