May 24, 2006

It's True

I am happy that I love God with all of me. I love when I smell his presence in the scent of inscense. The other day my first thought was of gardenias when I smelled this beautiful scent, but it was not as strong, as if there was a touch of lightly scented roses with it. I can only describ it as heavenly. When I have days of why all this is happening, when it seems so much is in limbo, I receive reaffirmation in the strangest of ways. Just as I was led to recite a prayer and to write it out. It took the foe away that was bothering me. Anyway all that I wrote was as it was happening at the time. Just like most of everything, I understand then why it was important to name this journal soulful longings. It is to write the experience of the heart. If someone ever asks me how is it possible to love God so deeply I can say , easy. It's so easy. I remember one day coming home from work, and out of the blue I thought, I love God, it was just so powerful a revelation, to know what my heart felt. Just as I learn of many things that reveal something new, via a song, through the word of God, or by speaking to a person. Some things just stand out more than others. People have this in them when they let the Holy Spirit speak from others. I didn't realize most of my life was based this way, even when I was at odds.

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