May 30, 2006

It's Possible

Now I understand the groaning of the Spirit. When I receive communion, something happens, I begin to have whisperings that seem to escape my lips. At first when they started to happen I was afraid I was making too much noise. I didn't understand what these were and why. For me I thought I was getting a wee bit peculiar, but the joy at communion is so great. I can only describe them as whisperings and sighs. I never expect it to happen, but they do. Can I say these are groanings of the Spirit? I don't know. The last thing I want to think or presume, is that I was given a special gift.

I did the same Rosary as the other day, I can say it did not have the same effect as it did on the day at the Chapel. Then I must conclude that when a request is made from God and I follow through with it; it pleases him. Then that must be what following his will is all about then. A request to us and we respond. More and more I do that, it becomes instant. Sometimes it takes us awhile, when we discern. I understand in this instance, when it happens in the Chapel, and then again, the Divine Father is speaking. At times I also question to what source is this from, because if evil can enter the Church, what stops him from causing commotion in us. That's why it's so important to know from which source all things come. I think that's why I doubted, it was because I didn't know the difference at the time.

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