May 09, 2006

In Your Loving Kindness

Dear Father, tonight my parents and I went to a healer, we have left ourselves into your loving hands. She spoke about you talking to her as though a human was speaking to her. I'm glad then, for she is able to respond to your call of healing. I would love more than anything to see the world healed if possible. I leave that in the loving hands of God our Father.

I took careful note of my responses to music in the Church, and I apologize for my lack of faith in the matter of hearing the beauty of song. I love music so much, it's a fine art. It does not give me the right to think harshly about what I think in the first place. Or even to think about it at all.

One of these days I will understand. Until then it will be prayer, and more prayer to keep my heart always on the path set by God.

May God in his mercy free me from any unharmony I bear, from my wretchedness. As always I point to myself first for any vileness, so I may not point to another lest I cause another harm. For it is I who stands in judgment. Tonight Dear Father I pray to be delivered into your loving kindness.

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