May 17, 2006

I Hope

Can there be anything more frustrating than changing templates. Or health that seems to have downer days. A few days ago I had some meat pie, it was so hot I burned my esophagus. Talk about pain, it still hurts. Well that is one lesson, that I should have cut the pie open and let it cool before poking a bite from it.
So much for that one, anyway, classes at school are great. Terminology, Coding, and Excel, and for my first time with excel, I love it. I made all A's again. I'm proud of myself for these grades, I did a B and C average in high school, thirty years ago. So when God answers a prayer to do it over again, I did it better the second time. That and no one else is going to do it for me. I just hope the other department gets better, before all is lost completely.

Today dear Father I offer to you my hurts, my regrets, my losses, my hopes and my desires. I thank you for the chance to breathe the air, to see the trees, to touch the grass. I thank you for the love that dwells in my heart for you and the many I come across. I pray for greater strength, to go out and accomplish the impossible. I pray to be a constant witness of your love. That the tears I shed is the sorrow in my heart for the world. I pray for all of us dear Father.

I offer my prayers to you also dear Mother Mary, that in your love for God and your Son we may be made free from the bonds of evil in the world. That we will be free from sin. Dear Mother despise not our hearts, for we try to purify them to answer your call to reconcile ourselves. Dear Mother, show me the way of love. There is nothing I desire more than this abundant gift, if it be God's will.

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