May 15, 2006

First Time

Why is loving and being loved by God so very special. It is the fulfillment of the soul, a rightness. It like having a once in a lifetime love. I have read many a poem, that describes a love that is rare. I end up amazed to read such love that people feel for one another. Yet I've read books all my life about such love. Doesn't a person need to know what transpires in a heart to know how to write so eloquently of a deep love. Can a person write about nothing they feel or know about.

It baffles me sometimes, to read about what goes on in the heart, but for me it is about God. I was once asked to describe what drew me to my ex-husband, and I couldn't reply. So if I was asked to describe what is in my heart for God, I could go on and on. Just like a person to person relationship, I hurt him unknowingly, with my self will. Without thinking how it would affect him, in those moments of selfishness, I submit myself totally to mending my relationship with him. Why? Because I don't want to be parted from him ever. Oh, Father, how deeply I love you. The distance is too great at times, and I long for your nearness, that only you can make me feel. But dear Father it is I in my smallness that separates us. When I falter in my path, and fail to follow your will.

It is then that I understand the work men and women always undergo to keep their relationship strong with each other. Without this and your very own love they would fall and be forever lost. Father be their guides as you are mine.
Je t'aime.

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