April 18, 2006

Such is Love

Last night I went to the Chapel after school. It was the first time, since the Chapel was closed for Easter. What joy, to behold the Risen Lord in all His Glory. To know that the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus.

After I left, I could have sang to the world, the love I felt. It was not only joy it was sheer happiness. To come away with understanding that here is truly the Risen Lord, it is awesome.

One thing for sure, I am so glad that he called my heart to his. Just the joy of knowing this brings laughter to my soul. Not the laughter of silliness, the laughter of absolute happiness. I love the gift of his love, he shows me the meaning of life, the Bread, Body and Blood of his own self.

God how I love you, and you give to me your endless love. There is nothing greater than this in the whole world. You have given to me my one true love. The realization is what makes my soul sing. How truly blessed I am, for your kindness toward me. That in my imperfections you found favor with me, your servant.

More than anything, my soulfull longings will always be the joy of everlasting love.

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