April 17, 2006

Some Ramblings

Sometimes I wonder, where I am headed. You called me, oh God how you have called. I still wonder why. I have loved you for so long, yet I have you so very late.

I have tried to write in a journal with a pen, but I fail. Is it because when I make errors on paper I have to erase or cross out depending on what implement I use. Sometimes I end up frustrated because my penmanship starts out nice then it gets lost on the paper. Finally I end up throwing out what I wrote and giving up on the venture.

When I attempted to do a journal on-line I found it was easier. There is something to be said about not having clumps of paper strewn about. I still make errors though. I don't use the abc check as often as I should, and my proofreading needs more work. But when I write from the spirit, it just comes out. After all I'm not perfect. God thank you for the flaws. You created me, I love me, because you are a part of me. If I hated myself then I would be hating you. Hands down no choice there, love is the stronger of the two.

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