April 25, 2006


Heavenly Mother, may I hold your hand, as a child does with their mothers. Where your touch brings comfort. Somedays I feel overwhelmed yet a calm is within my soul, a peacefulness. I never thought my life was going to be like this, or to receive the profound call of your son. I'll never forget interiorly hearing his asking me to marry him while kneeling in front of him in the Blessed Sacrament. The joy in my heart at that moment.
Oh dear Mother I have a human failing, that I am afraid to fail in the expectations of your son. Yet he gives me strength to know each day, to embrace it with love. Mother, without you we would have no Jesus, it is only fitting that I come to you for your blessing. Your shoes I could never fill dear Mother, please allow me, a humble servant a place at your feet and at the feet of your son, so I may wash away the hurt that we inflict.

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