April 22, 2006

Rain is in the Air

What a blessing today is, it's raining. Unfortunately not everyone will agree with that, but water is needed to replenish what we drink, bathe and waste. I may not have lived in a period of time where we relied upon the weather to water the lawns and gardens. I'm just thankful he provides us. I remember one time just after we moved to where we live now, we ran out of well water after all of us took showers. That was a treat, not for my mom though, she was last and had a dry shower. Luckily we have a brook, so we took buckets full of water for her to wash and rinse with. After that we learned to moderate the use of water.

As a kid I was always fascinated with rain, how we would sometimes get a rainbow after a shower, something I always looked for. It always amazed me to see the magnificance that God displays for us. Or to see water droplets glisten off the leaves. How everything looks refreshed, almost to the point of smelling clean. Nature for me is beautiful, it's a gift we destroy though. Someday maybe we will learn. Who knows.

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