April 14, 2006

My Longings

Today I had a desire to go to the Abbey, so I went. I arrived in time for the noon sext. I was so happy to hear them sing in unison, they sounded so wonderful, all I could do was smile. Every time I go I am always amazed by the comfort and joy that I always seem to feel.
When I left, I enjoyed reminiscing about special moments. Then I had a thought about this title (Soulfull Longings) to be a new creation. On my way back home I stopped at St. Anne's Shrine to do the Way of the Cross. Before I did this, I went into the gift shop to look around, what I ended up going to first was interesting. I went to the Bible holders, so out of curiosity I opened one. To my surprise a picture card came flying out, to fall on the floor. So I picked it up, it was a picture of St. Faustina. At this point I wasn't sure if I should put it back inside or put it on the rack, anyway I put it back inside. What was interesting also was a pen tucked in this holder too. By now I even more curious, so I looked at another one, opened it up, nothing. I did this to several of them. Quite odd too was the zipper pull, it happened to be the fish symbol, while all the others were of the normal zipper handle. When I opened the case again the picture was of Jesus and not of St. Faustina. Yet when I picked it up off the floor it did not change, believe me I moved it and never saw his picture. It was the type of card that can change picture. So I took two of these cases and brought them to the counter and let them know what was inside this particular one. The clerk now had the pen and another clerk had the picture to put back where it came from.

I did purchase a case but not the one that had all these things. God definitely has a way of letting something known it seems. I guess in his own way he was saying, yep the pen is for you to write about Jesus and the title is the one that came to mind earlier. Unless altogether it means something else. But a journal I will keep of my loving encounters with a very loving Jesus, my best friend.

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