April 28, 2006

Come To Me

There is many a thing that slowly begin to make sense. I suppose that in time it would for me. As often as I wonder about things, it always comes back to you Father. I long to be closer, is it possible to be. Is it okay to have questions, on those occasions when I feel lost and alone without you near me. I always remember those are the times that you are not only close, but that is when you carry me against your heart. I long for this closeness, that somehow I will never be separated from you ever. Does anyone ever wonder why I long for such a deep bond with God. Probably not, and that's okay too. Do I hope that others would have this deep bond with God, yes I do. For me it is a deep desire to see so many hearts turned back to God. More than anything it is for the world to know and love Jesus too. He is and always has been the way to God. They are united in heart. I saw this and seem to know this and now I understand this. Come to me, is all the call he gives to a heart full of love. It resounds and penetrates the soul so deeply. Come to me, from the depths of his heart does he call ever so loudly. My God it is beautiful, the call of the heart. Yes, he is the vine.

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