April 24, 2006

Awesome Wonder

What a day yesterday was. It is always a pleasure to give back to God. I am always amazed at the wonder of God. While listening to a homily, from the corner of my eye up towards the ceiling a bright gold shined. When I looked up it vanished. All that was there was a light shining on pictures of Saints and angels. The area was white too. Well anyway, it was something for me to ponder later. Even then, again sometime later I saw a flash of gold but in the direction of the Tabernacle where it disappeared. It's not the first time I've seen the extraordinary in this Church. I had seen an angel step out from behind a statue, maybe ten or more years ago, during Mass. I often wondered the significance, but then I put the name of the Church and all that is happening, as God's way of saying quite loudly His Son is King. As the Chapel is part of this Parish, it is on their grounds. I sit here in awe at how profoundly God reveals himself. Never a day goes by do I fail to see His work. It is only in moments of darkness that I fail to see. That does not mean sin, it is an interior darkness, where faith gains strength, to overcome it. These moments thankfully do not last long. I suppose if I didn't have faith I would have given up long ago, when all seemed lost, but I persevered. So today I say thank you Father for your gift of love. Je t'aime

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